Hourly Rate £30
One Day (Eight hours) £195
Two Days £380
Three Days £555
More than 3 Days £ Call for quote
From 1st June 2017
Four hours Off Peak (Monday to Friday 10am till 6pm)
£40 £44
Four hours Peak Time session (Monday to Friday 6pm till Midnight and all day Saturday and Sunday)
£45 £48
Four Hour Nighthawk Session (11pm till 3am)
£35 £40
Two hour solo Musician rehearsal (Monday to Saturday 10am till 6pm)
£20 £22
Additional rate by the hour
£10 £11
Amp Hire for rehearsal use
From 1st June 2017
Bass Amp – 250W Combo Amp, with built in Tuner and Overdrive Per amp, per session
£4 £4
Guitar Amp – 60W Combo Amp Per amp, per session
£2.50 £3
Star for a Day session
Two hour Recording session, with all prep Includes two backing tracks £120
Additional hourly rate £30
Extra backing tracks £5 each