Hourly Rate £30
One Day (Eight hours) £195
Two Days £380
Three Days £555
More than 3 Days £ Call for quote
Four hours Off Peak (Monday to Friday 10am till 6pm)
Four hours Peak Time session (Monday to Friday 6pm till Midnight and all day Saturday and Sunday)
Four Hour Nighthawk Session (11pm till 3am)
Two hour solo Musician rehearsal (Monday to Saturday 10am till 6pm)
Additional rate by the hour
Amp Hire for rehearsal use
Bass Amp – 250W Combo Amp, with built in Tuner and Overdrive Per amp, per session
Guitar Amp – 60W Combo Amp Per amp, per session
Star for a Day session
Two hour Recording session, with all prep Includes two backing tracks £120
Additional hourly rate £30
Extra backing tracks £5 each