We offer free consultations at the studio, for all bands interested in making their next recording with us. You will get to see the studio, listen to past recordings at each stage of development and ask any questions directly to the Producer. We promise no hard sell! Email or call for details.

Click here to listen to a selection of our recording work from a wide range of genres.

All projects are run by Studio Producer, Jim White. With a first class BA degree in Music Technology and many years of studio production experience working with many of the area’s biggest bands, your project will be in good hands! We offer a very flexible digital recording suite, capable of producing fantastic results for your project.

Technical Specifications

Our quad-core main recording computer is more than capable with any project setup we can throw at it. Dual, wide-screen monitors ensure that running your project is a breeze.

16 Channel simultaneous recording allows a lot of flexibility in the recording and mixing stages of your project.

We have a supply of high quality industry standard microphones from the likes of Neumann, AKG, Sennheisser and Shure to capture your sound at source.

Alongside Cubase, we have a multitude of high quality sound modules and effects, available at the click of a mouse. All changes to your music are reversible, and many bands find experimenting with their tracks to be both great fun and an important part of moulding their sound.

We have sound samplers with many gigabytes of onboard samples, and a selection of synthesisers, for those of you wanting to add new sounds to your next recording.

Recording at Riverway Studios is an enjoyable and laid back affair, whilst still producing professional results, and all at very competitive rates.

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In House Instruments

The following instruments are available for your recording project, at no additional cost.

Please notify in advance of particular needs to ensure availability.
These instruments are for recording use only.

  • Mapex Pro-M Drum Kit (Brassware not included)
  • Fender USA Jazz Bass
  • Fender USA Deluxe Stratocaster
  • Fender USA Deluxe Telecaster
  • Vox AC-30 All Tube Guitar Amp
  • Gibson Sheryl Crow Signature Model Dreadnaught Electro Acoustic Guitar
  • Martin DX-1 Acoustic Guitar
  • Yamaha Solid-Top Acoustic Guitar
  • Yamaha P80 Stage Piano (fully weighted keys)
  • Miscellaneous Percussion

Recording Studio Pricing

Hourly Rate £30
One 8 hour day £195
Two 8 hour days £380
Three 8 hours days £555
More than 3 days £ Call/Email for quote

Mixing and Mastering is discussed for each individual project.

Mixing can be done with or without the musicians present, depending on your personal preference.


Click above to hear a clear before and after representation of the mastering process.

Mastering is the process of finalising your music; adding volume, kick and sparkle ready for release and broadcast. A mastered track will compare favourably to commercial CDs in terms of volume and EQ. Unmastered music will sound quiet, limp and unfinished in comparison. We therefore strongly recommend you have your music mastered with us.

Mastering is done separately (usually within a few weeks) and is charged “by the song”.

Our usual mastering rate is between £50 and £75 per song, dependant mostly on the complexity of the song. Mastering fees are always best discussed case by case.

We are hugely competitive with mastering as we perform this “in house”. Our mastering take up rate is nigh on 100%, and for good reason!

Control Room
Control Room
Control Room
Control Room