We have three, large rehearsal rooms, which are quite simply some of the best equipped rooms in the area. Do check out our gallery page to see some photos of the rooms. Each room boasts:

  • Full PA system with ample power
  • Drum Kit – A Three tom, Mapex Pro-M Standard Rock Kit. See below for further details
  • Two Shure SM58 Microphones. With mic leads and stands
  • Mackie Mini Mixer capable of sending up to 8 different signals to the PA -Two taken up by the house microphones. You may bring additional mics/DI instruments (leads not provided, please do bring your own)
  • A lobby area with breakfast-bar style seating and outside benches
  • FREE WI-FI for all customers
  • Music stand and misc spare leads
  • Tea and coffee facilities and WC

House Drum Kit

A House Drum Kit is included with all rehearsals. We are kitted out with high quality Mapex Pro Drum Kits. We maintain our kits to a high standard for your benefit.

Brassware (cymbals and hi-hats) is not included, so do remember to bring your own.

Each drum kit consists of:

  • Bass Drum with Pedal
  • Snare Drum with Stand
  • Two Rack toms, One floor Tom
  • Three cymbal stands
  • Hi-Hat Stand with Clutch
  • High Quality Drum Stool

Drummers, please remember to bring additional cymbal stands if you require more than those provided.

Bass Amp and Guitar Amp Hire

BASS AMP: 250W Combo amp with built in tuner, overdrive and iOS/Android compatible multieffects. £4 per amp per session

GUITAR AMP: 60W Combo amp with distortion channel. £2.50 per amp per session.

Please add these to your booking when arranging your rehearsals.

Rehearsal Pricing

Our standard booking is a four hour session. Longer sessions are also welcomed.

We are open for bookings from 10am till 3am, 7 days a week. Our usual session times are as follows (exceptions possible on request!):

  • 10am till 2pm
  • 2pm till 6pm
  • 6pm till 10pm
  • 7pm till 11pm
  • 8pm till Midnight
  • 11pm till 3am (Nighthawk rate)

£44 OFF PEAK TIME for a four hour session: £11 per additional hour 
Off peak is 10am till 6pm, Monday through Friday.

£48 PEAK TIME for a four hour session: £11 per additional hour.
Peak time is 6pm till midnight, Monday through Friday, as well as all day Saturday and Sunday.
This includes any rehearsal slots that touch upon these hours. For example, a 3pm-7pm rehearsal would still count as peak, as it encroaches upon the peak time hours.

£40 ‘NIGHTHAWK’ four hour rehearsal
Nighthawk rehearsals are an exclusive offer:
These are rehearsals booked for 11pm-3am, 7 days a week.

£22 SOLO REHEARSAL, Off Peak only
For solo Musicians only, we offer a shorter session of two hours during the off peak times listed above.
We understand that sometimes you may need somewhere to practise your instrument at volume without upsetting the neighbours! As usual, our house drum kit is included (minus brassware) so drummers in particular can make the most of this!

Please call or email for availability. We are a very popular rehearsal studio, so booking ahead is always recommended – though last minute bookings are welcome where available!

Room 1
Arcadian in session
Room 2