Star for a Day

Star for a Day

Star for a day studio sessions provide you with an all-inclusive recording studio experience. Any singer, any ability!

Star a day is the perfect present for a music loving family member, friend or loved one. It is ideal for children’s parties, kid’s celebrations and graduations. Alternatively, why not book a party session with some friends and record a group performance!

The sessions are run at Riverway Studios in Harlow, Essex. You will be in the capable hands of one the area’s hottest producers, Jim White, who will expertly guide you through a studio session, where you will record, mix and master your performance on the track(s) of your choice. We have a huge catalogue of professional backing tracks, with songs available from the 1950’s, right up to current chart hits.

As mentioned, we provide packages for solo singers and groups starting from just £120 – get in touch for more info!

How It Works

  • Once you have booked we will send you a pack containing a CD backing track for your song(s), as well as full lyrics. This gives you time to practise for your big day!
  • Using our professional recording studio, we will record your vocal onto the backing track. We will show you all the tricks of the trade, and by using the correct microphone techniques, digital effects and mixing, we will get the best out of your voice!
  • At the end of the session, you will be presented with a master CD, with your voice on the songs!

Riverway Player


  • PlayArtist FreyaTitle Sitting Down Here
  • PlayArtist MelTitle Ain’t No Sunshine
  • PlayArtist Mel, Freya and BecksterTitle Push The Button

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  • A two hour session, including one or two backing tracks, and with all prep work done for you is charged at £120.
  • Additional backing tracks are charged at £5 each.
  • Additional time is charged at £30 per hour.

The requirement for each booking is best discussed for your individual needs. Suffice to say, short and sweet is best especially with younger children!

For more information, or to make a booking:

Telephone: 07760 160638